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about us

Delta Blues Hot Tamales was created by Adam and Fawn Freis, a husband and wife team originally from Jackson, MS. In 2012, Fawn was first diagnosed with Hashimoto's, and then soon after, celiac disease. Eating out quickly turned into a nightmare, as it became clear that many establishments simply did not understand cross-contamination issues. The couple couldn't help but notice that eating out wasn't only difficult for those with celiac, though. It was actually hard for those facing a variety of allergies, restrictions, and choices. So, with decades of restaurant experience under their belt, they decided to take on the challenge of creating a place that everyone could enjoy. And they did this by going back to their roots.  

As crazy as it sounds, Hot Tamales are a thing in certain parts of Mississippi! You can find them at convenience stores, in stands on the side of the road, and even donut shops. Now, these aren't what you normally think of when you think of a tamale.  Instead, think slightly smaller, with a lot more spice and flavor, and since they are boiled instead of steamed, much juicier. They are also naturally gluten-free. Then add Non-GMO sunflower oil for our spicy pork and mild chicken tamales, organic palm shortening for our vegan bean tamales, along with Non-GMO masa, and you now have tasty, healthy tamale options. 

But, we didn't want to just serve tamales in the husk. See, in the Delta, every respectable tamale joint has some version of Tamale Pie, which is like a Frito Pie, but made with tamales. So, of course, being respectable and all, we had to have that on our menu. And from there it grew. In the beginning, we only had three topped tamale plates.  That soon became four. And so on and so on. We now have eight different topped tamale plates, with four of them having vegan options.

In addition to our tamales and tamale plates, we offer a wide variety of southern favorites, all made from scratch, and all naturally gluten-free. For meat lovers, there are applewood wings, chicken fried chicken fingers, blue corn-crusted catfish, crawfish etouffee, and red beans and rice, just to name a few. For vegans and vegetarians, we offer butterbean hummus, fried pickles, hummus tacos, and sweet potato and black bean tacos, along with a multitude of side dishes and cobbler.

So come on out, and bring that friend of yours that can't eat anywhere, along with the one that eats everything! We guarantee you will all have a great time!

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